#11: Dental X-rays

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#11: Dental X-rays

Dental X-rays

Our week this week has brought to light the need for regular dental check-ups and we must place a high importance on routine dental x-rays.

I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before.. But a dear friend showed up to their appointment at Diamond Dental Wantirna South recently with no symptoms. Without dental x-rays, they would have been unaware that there was anything of concern with their jaw bone for quite a few years.

Furthermore, without previous dental x-rays to compare, we may not have picked up on it so quickly. Luckily with early detection all will be ok!

We can pat this patient on the back for their continued loyalty and their trust in the dentists at Diamond Dental. It has allowed us to provide quality dental service and treatment.

Quite often when dentists suggest a dental x-ray we are met with:

That’s too expensive, let’s leave it for now‘- Dental x-rays will detect dental decay growing in between your teeth where the dentist cannot see. It also checks the bone levels around your teeth and shows any evidence of severe gum disease that may be affecting the bone. These are problems that won’t go away on their own.  Not only causing discomfort, but the treatment will become more involved and therefore more expensive.

I don’t want to be exposed to the radiation‘- Rest assured, dental x-rays are less radiation than you may think. The average digital dental film is 0.002-0.006mSv. To give you some perspective :

A return flight from Melbourne to London is 0.11mSv

One Chest x-ray is 0.06mSv

On average, each Australian is exposed to 1.5mSv each year in background radiation.


Follow Up

At Diamond Dental Wantirna South, we generally suggest taking routine dental x-rays every 3-5 years. We don’t take them at every check up, so the cost overall is low, as is the radiation exposure. Our dentists are highly skilled and educated in dentistry.  When a dentist suggests a need for an x-ray, please take comfort in knowing they are doing it for your best interest.

It is important to visit your dentist regularly and follow up with dental x-rays. It’s not just teeth and gums that the dentist examines at your dental visit.

A thorough dental examination includes checking the skin of your lips, inside your cheeks, under your tongue, the roof of your mouth. As well as examining teeth for decay and gum health.

Adding a dental x-ray to the exam means the dentist can thoroughly check in between the teeth and the roots of your teeth. And just as importantly, the jaw bone. If we can all learn a lesson from this case, it would be to make your dental visit a priority.

ALL the best.

The Team at Diamond Dental.