Invisalign® is a clear, thin, plastic tray that is custom designed to straighten your teeth. It’s given its name because it is practically invisible when you are wearing them and is an alternative to the metal ‘train track’ type braces. Invisalign is perfect for people who work in the customer service industry, for students at school, media personalities or just anyone who would be self-conscious of wearing metal braces. They are also more comfortable than regular braces as there are no wires or metal brackets to rub against your cheeks or tongue.

Depending on the severity of the crowding of your teeth, roughly each week/fortnight a new tray or ‘aligner’ is given to you from your dentist as your teeth slowly shift into the correct alignment. Most Invisalign cases take between 6-18 months to complete which means 26-52 different aligners! Wearing them is as simple as clicking them into place over your teeth.

The first step to getting Invisalign started is to make an appointment with Dr Kerry Chen. He will assess your smile, take some records involving photographs, x-rays and models of your teeth.

Once he has collected all of the information he needs to accurately assess your smile, he will discuss your case with the technicians at Invisalign. They will make a treatment plan where they can tell you how many aligners you will need and what length of time they predict your treatment will take. It is at this point that we can accurately tell you the costs involved to straighten your teeth.

The technicians at Invisalign will even provide you with a simulation video like the one below, so you can see the way your teeth will move to create your perfect smile!

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