A Fancy word for Root Canal..

In certain situations, you’ll need a root canal or what we call ‘endodontics’ as a way to save your tooth. We provide exceptional treatment at Diamond Dental when you need a root canal in Wantirna.

A root canal is a practice that involves cleaning out the root of the tooth where disease and nerve damage has occurred. Though it sounds painful, this is a totally painless and predictable procedure that will take 2-3 visits, depending on the level of trauma. You are getting the finest treatment available when you choose Diamond Dental for your root canal in Wantirna.

We use the latest treatment methods for your root canal, so that everything will be done that needs to be done. With over 25 years of experience, the team at Diamond Dental has plenty of practice at this type of procedure.  We consider all of our patients to be like family, you can be assured that every step will be taken to ensure your comfort.

Make an appointment today and we look forward to seeing you at Diamond Dental.

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