#23: What Are Dentures?

You might hear people say that they have a denture, a plate, full upper, full lower, partial plate, a flipper or falsies(!) There are many different names for the tooth replacement option we call Dentures. So what are they?

Dentures are a removable tooth replacement option for one, some, or all missing teeth. They are generally the most cost effective solution for the replacement of many teeth. They can replace a full arch of missing teeth for both the top and the bottom teeth (Full upper/lower dentures) or just a few missing teeth on either or both arches (Partial upper/lower)

A plate and a denture are ultimately the same thing. However some people refer to a plate as the version of denture that has a metal frame that the teeth connect to. The metal is generally made of a cobalt chrome material and this makes the denture more comfortable for the wearer as it is thinner, and also more durable.

The traditional material of a denture is acrylic. The acrylic dentures are slightly thicker, but have a pink colour to blend in with the colour of the roof of your mouth so you can’t really tell you’re wearing one.

A “flipper” style denture refers to a denture that is replacing just one tooth. It’s given the nickname as it just flips in! A flipper can be a temporary solution- for example if a front tooth is knocked out and the socket needs time to heal prior to replacing the tooth with a more permanent solution, or the flipper itself can be the long term plan.

A Dental Prosthetist makes dentures. A Prosthetist has done further studying in the art of making dentures. At Diamond Dental, we are lucky enough to have our very own on-site Prosthetist!

Often a Dentist or Prosthetist will recommend a denture due to the cost. A full denture is generally the same price as replacing a single tooth with an implant! So you get 16 teeth replaced for the price of one! There are also some really cool options of placing a denture on top of implants to make them more sturdy- but it is a little technical to explain- so book a FREE consult with our Prosthetist to have a chat about your denture needs!

A new denture is like wearing a pair of new shoes! It does take time to get used to, but once you’re used to them, you don’t realise you’re wearing them. We recommend wearing your denture day and night for the first week to ensure your mouth gets used to it quickly. Sometimes they can rub on a particular spot, but it is easily adjusted by coming into the clinic and having an adjustment with our on-site Prosthetist.